Camp Wishlist

The following items would be gladly accepted as a donation:


Donated food for snacks this summer
* Items for trailmix (nothing containing peanuts)
* Cookies
* “Extras” for the summer staff–maybe some treats that they wouldn’t get otherwise–eg. fresh in season fruit

Other Items Needed:
* Elbow length oven gloves
* Tea towels
* Dish clothes
* Canoe trailer that holds 8 canoes
* 3 loads of gravel, 1 load of sand
* Camper ships ($160.00/camper)
* Couches
* Board Members! From Winnipeg and Kenora
* Continued Canadian Tire Money- working towards new canoe
* Yarn, markers, scissors
* Large gas barbecue
* Fans
* Space Heaters
* Dodge balls
* Kayak paddles
* Electric piano
* Folding metal chairs- NEW
* Wooden stacking chairs – NEW

We also have volunteer opportunities for Church Youth Missions Teams.