Fisher Bay Bible Camp - Staff Application Forms


Personal Information
Postal Code: 
Phone #: 
Church You Attend: 
Marrital Status: 
Education History
Grade Completed: 
College/University Attending: 
Years Completed: 
Other Education: 
Spiritual Information
(Please be honest and know that you will not be judged. None of us are perfect it is only by Godís Grace that we can serve Him)
In your own words please respond briefly to each of these questions.
Are you a Christian? What does it mean to be a Christian? 
Tell me about your walk with God this past year. (Hardships and Growth)  
Please explain why you want to serve the Lord at FBBC this summer.  
What church do you currently attend? How often do you attend?  
What has been your involvement in Christian service up to now? What experience do you have working with children?  
Are there any major concerns from your life from this past year that I should know about.(Drugs, Sexual Immorality, criminal activity, etc.)  
If a camper asked you why we need to follow the God of the Bible, what would you say?  
Medical Information
Medical Number: 
Personal Number: 
Last Tetnus (if any): 
Do you presently have any physical or mental disabilities or health problems which would affect your ability to carry out your responsibilities? : 
If yes, please describe  
Do you have any health problems (asthma, epilepsy, etc.) that we should be aware of? : 
Are you cureently taking any medication?: 
If yes, please describe  
Do we have permission to authorize medical treatment in case of emergency? : 
Please provide the name, address, and phone numbers of three individuals, excluding relatives, who could provide a reference for you
Reference Name: 
Reference Phone #: 
Reference Name: 
Reference Phone #: 
Reference Name: 
Reference Phone #: 
In order to ensure that all our staff have been properly screened to protect the camp, we ask that, once accepted, all applicants over 18 also submit:
  • A criminal record check
  • A child abuse registry check(or may be called Vulnerable Sector Check) You can get these checks done by going to your local RCMP detachment with two pieces if ID, you may need to pay a fee. If you let them know that it is for a volunteer position the may do the check for free.
Summer Availability
Please note: All paid staff are required to attend Staff training week unless previous arrangements are made. All staff are to be at camp the day before camp begins for staff meeting. Staff meetings will begin at 8 pm sharp on Sundays. All camp dates are available on the website here. Staff training for 2019 is June 29-July 3.
Please check all the weeks that you are available for:
Staff Training For all counselors
Junior Teen Ages 11-13
Junior 1 Ages 8-10
Junior 2 Ages 9-11
Canoe Trip Ages 14-17
Teen 1 Ages 12-14
Teen 2 Ages 14-16
Li'l Uns Ages 5-7
Senior Teen Ages 17-19
Position you are applying for:
Senior Counsellor
Junior Counsellor
Head Cook
Maintenance Staff
Prayer Support
Kitchen Staff
Program Director
LEAP Leader
Cleaning Staff
Please select a L beside activities that you could lead, H for ones that you have some experience in and could help with, put a W for ones that you would be willing to help with but have no experience, and a N for one that you could not help with:
Wall Climbing: 
Motor Boat Driving: 
Bass Guitar: 
Other Activities: 
Legal Verification
This document and any related documents will be kept confidential. Please verify the reliability of this information by signing below.
I certify that the information I have supplied is correct to the best of my knowledge.
Date: Accepted:
Human Verification
This steps allows us to ensure that aplications are coming from real people.
What is 4+4?: 

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