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What is LEAP?
LEAP is a three week program designed to disciple teens in their spiritual walk and challenge them to be Christian examples and leaders in their churches, homes, communities, and schools. It also doubles as a counselor training program encouraging LEAP participants to put what they have learned into practice.


How Much does it cost?
Your cost is $200. This cost covers: Your room and board for three weeks, a weekend retreat, materials for the program, and a LEAP t shirt. This amount is not intended to fully cover the cost of running the LEAP program(ex. Staff costs), but mitigates some of the cost of running the program. We believe that this is one of the most important programs that the camp offers because it allows for much deeper discipling, deep growth in relationship with God, and leadership training. If the cost is prohibitive we have payment options allowing smaller payments over time, and if there is any money that is needed beyond that it can be covered through the camper sponsorship fund. If you have need of this assistance we will provide it we only ask you give as much as you can afford in this case so that the sponsorship money can help as many families as possible.

What is your commitment?
You must be available for the entire three weeks, including the weekend retreat(s). You must commit to following the rules as set out in the LEAP handbook. You must be willing to learn, serve, and grow as you fellowship, study and work. Your willingness and demonstrated maturity in these areas during training will determine whether you spend a week in a cabin as a junior counselor.

What can you expect? LEAP will include:

When is it?
July 7-26

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One must be your pastor/youth pastor. All must be adults
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Please answer the following questions in the boxes provided:
Why do you want to attend LEAP?: 
What do you expect to learn during LEAP?: 
Are your a Christian?: 
What does it mean to be a Christian?: 
How does your salvation affect your day to day life?: 
Are you willing to actively participate in the schedule, sessions and activities of the LEAP program? : 
Are you prepared to follow the direction given by the leadership of this program and conduct yourself in a manner pleasing to God? : 
. Are you willing to participate in the LEAP program, and experience 1 week as a Jr. Counselor (or other camp position based on readiness for the counseling position), unpaid, as part of the LEAP program? : 
Do you understand that your position for the third week of this program will be decided by the leaders of the program in accordance with your conduct, Spiritual readiness, and willingness to serve as shown through your progress in this program? : 
Human Verification
This steps allows us to ensure that aplications are coming from real people.
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For more information:
Call Kara Reimer at 1(204)2936862
Kara Reimer 1185 Parker Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3T 0T8